Praxis Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

To fuel your life-changing journey, we have invented an AI-powered Learning Experience Platform called Praxis LXP. This is your own personalized digital classroom for self-paced interactivities, virtual classes, hands-on research, and credentials. All in one place.

The next generation Praxis LXP uses AI and machine learning in several creative ways, including content curation, hands-on labs, scientific workflows, code generation, virtual teaching, experiential assessment, and job mapping.

All you need is a browser and your imagination.

For those without an LMS, the Praxis LXP is an all-in-one digital classroom for delivering modern, hands-on courses across a broad range of subjects. Also, faculty can migrate / create their own courses in the LXP … in just a few hours.

The Praxis LXP is a new type of digital education platform. For those with an LMS, the LXP (Learning Experience Platform) turbocharges the student/faculty experience with enhanced, AI-powered course delivery, labs, collaboration, interactive assessments, mentoring, etc. The Praxis LXP will integrate with any LMS using LTI / SAML / xAPI SSO technology.

Journey Begins

The Praxis LXP journey begins with a snapshot view of the entire course. The Journey view provides an interactive roadmap for the adventure. Learning paths group skills by topic and individual progress bars help students track their advancement through the material.

Start your adventure on the Journey page.

game design
  1. Skills – each digital lesson is organized into a menagerie of 7-10 learning resources
  2. Learning Paths – each course roadmap is organized into high-level topics
  3. AI-Curated Resources – to keep you up-to-date, machine learning recommends new resources every few hours
  4. My Profile – customize your profile, change the theme, contact support, logout
  5. Progress Bars – students can track their progress through skills and resources
  6. Gamification – hyper-engagement with points, leaderboards, badges, and rewards

Dive Into Skills

The Praxis LXP journey continues with a deep dive into each specific lesson. The Skills view is where the rubber meets the road. As a collection of appealing tiles, it houses all the AI-powered learning resources, hands-on labs, interactive assessments, and AI curations. New Skills Tech leverages the Rule of 7: optimal skilling and mastery occurs after 7 independent “sessions” within a single objective.

Check out the best features of the Skills page.

  1. Resources – videos, articles, and activities are accessed from colorful tiles
  2. Quizzes – skills-based assessments and knowledge checks are built into the LXP
  3. Labs – virtual labs for hard skills and video assessment simulations for soft skills
  4. AI-Curated Resources – to keep you up-to-date, machine learning recommends new resources every few hours
  5. Ratings – students share their opinions about specific resources with ratings and reviews
  6. Points – all resources, activities, labs, and quizzes earn points which can become rewards\
  7. Progress – students can easily track their completion progress through resources

Live Hands-on Labs

All our digital courses prioritize experiential learning at their core. This is where skills mastery and cognitive encoding happen. The Hands-on Labs view is optimized for learning, application, research, and experimentation. Plus, our unique GitLab integration provides persistent storage and a personalized online portfolio for students and faculty.

Check out the purpose-built Hands-on Labs page.

virtual lab
  1. Live Virtual Machine – apply what you’ve learned in live Linux and Jupyter Hub computing systems
  2. Lab Guide – each lab includes real-world scenarios and step-by-step instructions
  3. Persistent Student Storage – students will always have access to their creations in a persistent digital locker
  4. GitLab – students can build their own online portfolio using an integrated and secure GitLab repository

How Are My Students Doing?

The Praxis LXP provides valuable insights into student performance and engagement, enabling both students and faculty to make informed decisions about the learning experience. The Analytics & Reporting views include real-time usage, performance, and engagement metrics in easy-to-read dashboards. Also, custom reports and exports allow faculty to dig as deeply as they want.

Check out some of the best features of the Analytics & Reporting page(s).

  1. Students – a list of students in the current cohort (active or all)
  2. Resources – all learning resources in the chosen lesson are distributed across the top of the dashboard
  3. Lessons – you can navigate lessons and learning paths via breadcrumbs at the top of the screen
  4. Scores – % earned and duration are displayed for each student in each resource
  5. Completion – green shading indicates completion of the resource
  6. Other Reports – Course Dashboard, Skills Gap Analysis, Quiz Results, Leaderboard, Skill Activity, Product Engagement